October 20, 2019

The King on marriage and divorce

Passage: Mark 10:1-12
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- Baits and traps.
- Pharisees aim – to ‘test’ and trap Jesus, not to be taught and
transformed by Jesus’ teaching.

Marriage explained (v.1-9)

- The Pharisees’ brazen dishonesty (v.2-4)
- Jesus’ honest truth (v.5-9)
- Jesus quoting Genesis 2:24 – marriage union is made
by God: He has the final say!
- Marriage is complementary
- Marriage is intended to be an exclusive relationship
- Marriage is a permanent relationship
Punch line from Jesus – What God has joined together, let no man

Remarriages warned (v.10-12)

- Stark warning (v.10-12)
- Is Jesus saying that Moses got it wrong?
- Wouldn’t the innocent divorcee be condemned to a life of singleness?
- What about single parent who needs support to bring up children?
- Is remarriage an unforgiveable sin?
Pride distorts our treatment of others


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