PA system – Recording Guide

Follow these steps to record sermons using the PA system.

1. Connect USB cable to the PA system  (it should be connected anyway):

2.  Connect the other end of the USB cable to the laptop

3. Ensure that the volume and on buttons for the relevant mikes are switched on (volume sliders and ON orange buttons on the left). Likewise, ensure that the volume and ON orange button on the right hand side of the PA system is pressed down:

4. Start Audacity , the recording software, from the laptop and ensure that the configuration is as such. Notice that the audio signal might be low (don’t worry about it)


5. Once you start recording, you’ll notice that the signal isn’t ‘high’ at all (don’t worry – just continue recording despite the weak signal)

6. At the end of the talk, Click on ‘Effect’ menu and then ‘Amplify’ option:

7. Populate with the value of 38 in the Amplication text value and make sure Allow Clipping checkbox are ticked

8. You will now the signals amplified and the audio is now ready to be uploaded

That’s it! :).