Neil’s Dinner

Started in late April 1997.
Dinners now start at 7pm.

All welcome.

Held on Thursday evenings during the academic year, The dinner was an English class  where Neil’s aunt, an old English friend and Neil help one then two then about five uni students from China.

One from Vietnam also came along.

There was an old English chap who was helping in teaching English when he was 90 – 93.

It was not just conversational but also correcting assignments during the week.

in Short.

It is a home away from home.

The place where friends meet.

People come from various countries Asia and sometimes from Europe, Africa and a few Australians.

Asian countries include: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Japan.

Africa: Ghana and Botswana.

Europe: The UK and France.

There are a few who are now husband and wife!

Some who have come along have met classmates at dinner.

Its a small world.

People come who are met by Neil’s aunt, Neil or from street E.

Some who come bring friends too.

The numbers can average between about 15 to about 30+.

The largest group was in Nov. 2007 when 41 came along. 43 including Neil and his aunt Margaret.

The evenings are generally a nice time to catch up and say hi.

Sometimes there will be questions about the Bible.

This is an opportunity to share about Jesus Christ.

It is our prayer that everyone who comes to dinner will some day trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Some can now cook pasta! With a slightly Asian bias.

The dinners started as an English class for a Chinese student.

As numbers increased it eventually became dinners only.

In 2012 the English class recommenced as a lesson time before the dinner.

The English class has ended, and it is now back to dinners only at 7pm.

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